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For over 30 years, ChrisPierre Labusch have been creating unique and well known iron sculptures. The artists’ studio is located in Winterthur (Switzerland), on the former industrial plant of the Sulzer Group.

Interpretation of the presented works "Geotakeles"
Pierre and I had the idea of 'Geotakeles' 30 years ago. The imaginative name 'Geotakeles' is derived from 'Geo' = 'geographic orientation' and 'takeles' = clear language (talking Tacheles). In 1987 our figurative work evolved into our first abstract work by using iron waste from our previous creations. In regards to the current museum exhibition in Japan, we were reflecting on these origins and decided to enhance 'Geotakeles' by working only with high-quality chrome steel to create these new sculptures. Extensive form studies and models were followed by cut-outs and over-grinding of individual iron parts. With the accurate alignment and assembly of the trigones, we completed the iron sculptures according to our own visions. The floor and wall objects are now on display. The free standing sculptures symbolize an uplifting life that runs in different directions of the sky. The wall objects show changes in time and point to future perspectives.

スタジオはスイスのウインタートゥールに在り、かつて大手の鉄工場(The Sulzer Group)跡です。

30年前ピエールと私は、' Geotakeles'という造語を思いつきました。
私たちの作りあげた' Geotakeles'は、「地理的方向性('geographic orientation')」の意味の'Geo'と、「明瞭な言葉('takeles')」からなる想像上の名前です。

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